Mission Statement

We believe that the promotion of technology growth can help remove a number of existing inequalities in gender, race, and geographical location. The development of technology together with trade has helped equalize wealth around the world. The most notable of these are the industrialization of the Nordic countries, and Japan. Most recently, technology economy has led to the industrialization of China, and closely on the heel, the development of India. China claims that over 700 million people have been lifted out of poverty, which is more than the population of South America.

We hope that with rapid growth in technology, economic development will spread to Africa as well as South America. We live in a world that grows more than enough food to feed us, and has the ability to manufacture more goods than ever. With tremendous improvement in communication technologies, knowledge can be disseminated rapidly through Internet, and wealth can be shared through our new transportation capabilities.

Traditionally, war was necessary due to the innate instinct of humans to hog and raid for natural resources. With abundance supply of food and goods, and our ability to transport them, such conflicts can be avoided. Also, one of our greatest God's gifts is our human brain. With proper education, one can acquire knowledge with our brains, and use the knowledge to elevate our standards of living by producing goods that can be traded for food. This is vindicated by countries which are strapped for natural resource, such as the Nordic countries and Japan where they now trade high-tech goods for food. Moreover, brain work is gender and race neutral creating opportunity for women and men of different races to work together.

The activities of COPE, established under the umbrella of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S) will help to fulfil our goals. We plan on a three-prong approach to remedy inequality problems globally. First, we will establish a network of IEEE Chapters to help with knowledge dissemination. Second, we will participate in the IEEE Smart Village Initiative to help with knowledge transfer through the transfer of knowhows that will help the developing world. Third, we will emphasize and promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, around the world. Lastly, we need to be a good steward of the planet Earth to live symbiotically with our environment.

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